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Welcome to! The United Methodist hymns posted at this site are in the public domain. You are encouraged to download, use, and enjoy any of the music that you find here. Other than what you see in The United Methodist Hymnal, none of it is arranged or voiced.

I started preparing these originally to make hymn music available in electronic format for part arranging. Now I'm hearing that folks are using them as background music on their web pages, and even background music in church offices! I would be delighted to hear how you put them to use. is designed to be used in a frames format. If you don't have frames on your screen right now, then you are only receiving a small part of the The frames site has lots of features that I cannot support on this page, including hymn suggestions to go along with scripture passages, a Psalter section, and more. If you would like to access these additional features, follow this link to the main home page for this site.

God bless you.

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