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compiled by Henry E. Dibdin in 1851
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Welcome to HymnSite.com! The hymn and psalm tunes posted at this site are in the public domain. You are encouraged to download, use, and enjoy any of the music that you find here. Other than what you see in The United Methodist Hymnal or in The Standard Psalm Tune Book, none of it is arranged or voiced.

I started preparing these originally to make hymn tunes available in electronic format for part arranging. Now I'm hearing that folks are using them as background music on their web pages, and even background music in church offices! I would be delighted to hear how you put them to use.

This site is designed to be used in a frames format. If you don't see a frame to the left, follow this link. In that frame to the left (the one I just mentioned!), there should be several buttons. This is what they are supposed to mean:

Hymn Search Hymn Search. This button links to a pair of frames that let you search in one and listen to your results in the other. Use the search form to create a list of hymns. Click on each title in the list to retrieve the text (if available) and the midi file. It's kind of hard to describe, so just try it. You'll see what I mean. You can select searches for title/author/tune/etc., full text, or HymnSite.com's exclusive BIGsearch, which can help you find materials at other sites, too.

HymnDex Hymn and Psalm Tune Lists. This button will open a pair of frames with a list of hymn and psalm tunes. You can choose from alphabetical and numerical indices.

Lectionary Pages Lectionary Pages. This button replaces all of the frames you see with a new set that are devoted to putting scriptures and hymns together. There are also "featured hymns" with historical or devotional comments.

Psalter Psalter Pages. This button replaces all of the frames you see with a new set that are devoted to the Book of Psalms and the psalm tunes contained in Henry E. Dibdin's 1851 collection. This area is under construction in 1998. When completed, you will be able to mix and match Psalms and tunes.

Links My Links Page. These are some of my favorite places on the web, but certainly not an exhaustive list. You can find lots of interesting surprises by visiting links from guests in the Guest Book. I hope you will follow them.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) HymnSite.com's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page. I get lots of questions and comments from lots of really neat people around the world. I wish I had time to personally respond to every single one of them, but I don't. So I have tried to make it easier for you to find answers to your favorite questions right here while you are on line. I hope you find something useful on that page. ;^)

MailingList HymnSite.com's Mailing Lists. HymnSite.com has a mailing list called WorshipMusic@HymnSite.com. Join to ask questions, make comments, or just "lurk" to see what other people are saying. There is also a list that you can join just to receive news about new resources and features at HymnSite.com.

Hymn Home HymnSite.com Home. It may not look like your usual link button, but it is one and should bring you back to this page again, just in case you wanted to.

Please feel free to send a note any time. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

God bless you.