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Let There Be Light

The United Methodist Hymnal Number 440
Text: Frances W. Davis
Music: Robert J.B. Fleming, 1967
Tune: CONCORD, Meter: 47.76

1. Let there be light,
let there be understanding,
let all the nations gather,
let them be face to face.

2. Open our lips,
open our minds to ponder,
open the door of concord
opening into grace.

3. Perish the sword,
perish the angry judgment,
perish the bombs and hunger,
perish the fight for gain.

4. Hallow our love,
hallow the deaths of martyrs,
hallow their holy freedom,
hallowed be your name.

5. Your kingdom come,
your Spirit turn to language,
your people speak together,
your Spirit never fade.

6. Let there be light,
open our hearts to wonder,
perish the way of terror,
hallow the world God made.

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