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Hymns--They're Not Just for Singing Anymore

Sometimes I search the web just to find some news about hymns. There is always something going on. New hymnists. New hymns. New concerts. There is always some good news to read.

Today I saw something that just makes me smile. A really, really big smile. Churches in Montague County, Texas will gather together at the Bowie Community Center for their third annual "Hymns for Hunger" event. For a nominal admission fee, people in the community can gather to hear their favorite hymns by their favorite choirs and their favorite neighbors. What's more, all of the money will go to support a mission that operates in that community. And no donations will be refused, either. Read about it yourself. Here is the link: http://bowienewsonline.com/2015/07/third-annual-hymns-for-the-hungry-july-22/.

How many times do we combine music and giving and fellowship and praise and mission? Doing it with the kind of organization and intention shown by the Christian community in Montague County is not common, but we can each do all of these things in our own lives every Sunday. We can also do them every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Pick a hymn today. Sing it, hum it, whistle it, play it, hear it in your head. Pay attention to its message and ponder it. Enjoy the melody. Feel the rhythm. Be inspired. Let the hymn inspire you to be the best that you can be and do the most that you can do. Give. Share. Help. And again, sing!

There is more to life than hymns. And there is more to hymns than hymns, too. Take a lesson from some rural congregations that are proving it!

Be musical. Be generous. Be Christ like. Be Christian.

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