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Jesus, Thine All-Victorious Love

The United Methodist Hymnal Number 422
Text: Charles Wesley, 1707-1788
Music: Carl G. Glasser, 1784-1829; arr. by Lowell Mason, 1792-1872
Tune: AZMON, Meter: CM

1.	Jesus, thine all victorious love 
	shed in my heart abroad;
	then shall my feet no longer rove,
	rooted and fixed in God.

2.	O that in me the sacred fire
	might now begin to glow;
	burn up the dross of base desire
	and make the mountains flow!

3.	O that it now from heaven might fall
	and all my sins consume!
	Come, Holy Ghost, for thee I call,
	Spirit of burning, come!

4.	Refining fire, go through my heart,
	illuminate my soul;
	scatter thy life through every part
	and sanctify the whole.

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