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Holy God, We Praise Thy Name

The United Methodist Hymnal Number 079
Text: Sts. 1-4, Ignaz Franz, Trans. by Clarence Walworth; Sts. 5-7, F. Bland Tucker
Music: Katholisches Gesangbuch, Vienna, c. 1774
Tune: GROSSER GOTT, Meter: 78.78.77

1.	Holy God, we praise thy name; 
	Lord of all, we bow before thee; 
	all on earth thy scepter claim; 
	all in heaven above adore thee.  
	Infinite thy vast domain; 
	everlasting is thy reign.

2.	Hark the glad celestial hymn 
	angel choirs above are raising; 
	cherubim and seraphim, 
	in unceasing chorus praising, 
	fill the heavens with sweet accord:  
	Holy, holy, holy Lord.

3.	Lo! the apostolic train
	joins thy sacred name to hallow; 
	prophets swell the glad refrain, 
	and the white-robed martyrs follow.  
	And from morn to set of sun, 
	through the church the song goes on.

4.	Holy Father, Holy Son, 
	Holy Spirit: three we name thee, 
	though in essence only one; 
	undivided God we claim thee, 
	and adoring bend the knee 
	while we own the mystery.

Sts. 5-7 Copr. 1985 The Church Pension Fund.

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