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The resources formerly linked here are no longer available online. If you have a CD resource that you would like to offer through the HymnStore, use the "Contact Us" link to the left. We can talk.

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This page of the HymnStore at is a collection of links to redirect you to materials that were available at the time that the links were posted in the HymnStore. I don't receive a commission from anything on this page. If you have any problems with a vendor, you will need to resolve your difficulty with that vendor. All that you are getting from this page of is a link, and the link is free. Do your own evaluating and make your own decisions. In the "buyer beware" market that exists on the internet, it is probably a good idea to take everything on a vendor's page with a grain of salt.

I hope that the links on this page prove useful to you, and that they will strengthen your ministry with music. However, please don't attack my ministry if your choices disappoint you.

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