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We Give Thee But Thine Own

The Baptist Hymnal No. 609
Text: William W. How
Music: Joseph Barnby
Tune: ST. ANDREW Meter: (S.M.)

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	We give Thee but Thine own, 
	Whate'er the gift may be; 
	All that we have is Thine alone, 
	A trust, O Lord, from Thee. 

2.	May we Thy bounties thus 
	As stewards true receive, 
	And gladly, as Thou blessest us, 
	To Thee our first fruits give. 

3.	The captive to release, 
	To God the lost to bring, 
	To teach the way of life and peace, 
	It is a Christ-like thing. 

4.	And we believe Thy Word, 
	Tho' dim our faith may be; 
	Whate'er for Thine we do, O Lord, 
	We do it unto Thee. 

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