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Jesus Shall Reign

The Baptist Hymnal No. 587
Text: Isaac Watts
Music: John Hatton
Tune: DUKE STREET Meter: (L.M.)

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 
	Does its successive journeys run; 
	His kingdom spread from shore to shore, 
	Till moons shall wax and wane no more.

2.	To Him shall endless pray'r be made, 
	And endless praises crown His head; 
	His name like sweet perfume shall rise 
	With ev'ry morning sacrifice.

3.	People and realms of ev'ry tongue 
	Dwell on His love with sweetest song, 
	And infant voices shall proclaim 
	Their early blessings on His name.

4.	Let ev'ry creature rise and bring 
	Honor and glory to our King; 
	Angels descend with songs again, 
	And earth repeat the loud "Amen!"

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