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Soldiers of Christ, in Truth Arrayed

The Baptist Hymnal No. 574
Text: Basil Manley, Jr.
Music: German Melody
Tune: MENDON Meter: (L.M.)

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	Soldiers of Christ, in truth arrayed, 
	A world in ruins needs your aid: 
	A world by sin destroyed and dead; 
	A world for which the Savior bled. 

2.	His gospel to the lost proclaim, 
	Good news for all in Jesus' name; 
	Let light upon the darkness break 
	That sinners from their death may wake. 

3.	Morning and evening sow the seed, 
	God's grace the effort shall succeed. 
	Seedtimes of tears have oft been found 
	With sheaves of joy and plenty crowned.

4.	We meet to part, but part to meet 
	When earthly labors are complete, 
	To join in yet more blest employ, 
	In an eternal world of joy. 

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