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Forever With the Lord

The Baptist Hymnal No. 529
Text: James Montgomery
Music: Franklin I. Sheppard
Tune: TERRA PATRIS Meter: (S.M.D.)

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	"Forever with the Lord!" 
	Amen, so let it be! 
	Life from His death is in that word, 
	'Tis immortality. 
	My Father's house on high, 
	Home of my soul, how near 
	At times to faith's forseeing eye 
	The golden streets appear! 

2.	"Forever with the Lord!" 
	Forever in His will, 
	The promise of that faithful word, 
	Lord, here in me fulfill. 
	With You at my right hand, 
	Then I shall never fail; 
	Uphold me, Lord, and I shall stand; 
	Thro' grace I will prevail. 

3.	So when my latest breath 
	Breaks thro' the veil of pain, 
	By death I shall escape from death, 
	And life eternal gain. 
	That resurrection word, 
	That shout of victory; 
	Once more, "Forever with the Lord!" 
	Amen, so let it be! 

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