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The Baptist Hymnal No. 444
Text: Judson W. Van DeVenter
Music: Winfield S. Weeden
Tune: SUNLIGHT IN MY SOUL Meter: (C.M.) with Refrain

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	I wandered in the shades of night, 
	Till Jesus came to me, 
	And with the sunlight of His love 
	Bid all my darkness flee. 

2.	Tho' clouds may gather in the sky, 
	And billows round me roll, 
	However dark the world may be, 
	I've sunlight in my soul. 

3.	While walking in the light of God, 
	I sweet communion find; 
	I press with holy vigor on, 
	And leave the world behind. 

4.	I cross the wide extended fields, 
	I journey o'er the plain, 
	And in the sunlight of His love 
	I reap the golden grain. 

5.	Soon I shall see Him as He is, 
	The light that came to me, 
	Behold the brightness of His face, 
	Thro'out eternity. 

	Sunlight, sunlight in my soul today, 
	Sunlight, sunlight all along the way; 
	Since the Savior found me, 
	Took away my sin, 
	I have had the sunlight of His love within. 

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