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Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus

The Baptist Hymnal No. 434
Text: Anna B. Russell
Music: Ernest O. Sellers
Tune: NEW ORLEANS Meter: Irregular

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	There is never a day so dreary, 
	There is never a night so long, 
	But the soul that is trusting Jesus 
	Will somewhere find a song. 

2.	There is never a cross so heavy, 
	There is never a weight of woe, 
	But that Jesus will help to carry 
	Because He loveth so. 

3.	There is never a care or burden, 
	There is never a grief or loss, 
	But that Jesus in love will lighten 
	When carried to the cross. 

4.	There is never a guilty sinner, 
	There is never a wand'ring one, 
	But that God can in mercy pardon 
	Thro' Jesus Christ, His Son. 

	Wonderful, wonderful Jesus, 
	In the heart He implanteth a song: 
	A song of deliv'rance, of courage, of strength; 
	In the heart He implanteth a song. 

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