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According to Thy Gracious Word

The Baptist Hymnal No. 372
Text: James Montgomery
Music: Hugh Wilson
Tune: AVON Meter: (C.M.)

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	According to Thy gracious Word 
	In meek humility, 
	This will I do, my loving Lord: 
	I will remember Thee. 

2.	Thy body, given for my sake, 
	My bread from heav'n shall be: 
	Thy testamental cup I take, 
	And thus remember Thee. 

3.	Gethsemane can I forget, 
	Or there Thy conflict see, 
	Thine agony and bloody sweat, 
	And not remember Thee? 

4.	When to the cross I turn mine eyes 
	And rest on Calvary, 
	O Lamb of God, my sacrifice, 
	I must remember Thee. 

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