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Jesus, Our Lord and King

The Baptist Hymnal No. 363
Text: Anonymous
Music: Robert Jackson
Tune: TRENTHAM Meter: (S.M.)

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	Jesus, our Lord and King; 
	To You our praises rise; 
	To You our bodies we present, 
	A living sacrifice. 

2.	Now justified by grace 
	And made alive to God, 
	Formed for Yourself to show Your praise, 
	We sound Your love abroad. 

3.	As dead indeed to sin, 
	We rise to walk anew, 
	Henceforth, as not our own, but Yours, 
	We follow only you. 

4.	Baptized into Your death, 
	With You again we rise, 
	To newness of a life of faith, 
	To new and endless joys. 

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