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Not What My Hands Have Done

The Baptist Hymnal No. 339
Text: Horatius Bonar
Music: George William Martin
Tune: LEOMINSTER Meter: (S.M.D.)

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	Not what my hands have done 
	Can save my guilty soul; 
	Not what my toiling flesh has borne 
	Can make my spirit whole. 
	Not what I feel or do 
	Can give me peace with God; 
	Not all my prayers and sighs and tears 
	Can bear my awful load. 

2.	Your voice alone, O Lord, 
	Can speak to me of grace; 
	Your pow'r alone, O Son of God, 
	Can all my sin erase. 
	No other work but Yours, 
	No other blood will do; 
	No strength but that which is divine 
	Can bear me safely thro'.

3.	I praise the Christ of God; 
	I rest on love divine; 
	And with unfalt'ring lip and heart 
	I call this Savior mine. 
	My Lord has saved my life 
	And freely pardon gives; 
	I love because He first loved me, 
	I live because He lives. 

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