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I Lay My Sins

The Baptist Hymnal No. 272
Text: Horatius Bonar
Music: Samuel S. Wesley
Tune: AURELIA Meter:

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	I lay my sins on Jesus, 
	The spotless Lamb of God; 
	He bears them all, and frees us 
	From the accursed load: 
	I bring my guilt to Jesus, 
	To wash my crimson stains 
	White in His blood most precious, 
	Till not a stain remains. 

2.	I lay my wants on Jesus; 
	All fulness dwells in Him; 
	He heals all my diseases, 
	He doth my soul redeem: 
	I lay my griefs on Jesus, 
	My burdens and my cares; 
	He from them all releases, 
	He all my sorrows shares. 

3.	I long to be like Jesus, 
	Strong, loving, lowly, mild; 
	I long to be like Jesus, 
	The Father's holy child: 
	I long to be with Jesus, 
	Amid the heav'nly throng, 
	To sing with saints His praises, 
	To learn the angels' song. 

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