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No, Not Despairingly

The Baptist Hymnal No. 270
Text: Horatius Bonar
Music: Ann B. Spratt
Tune: KEDRON Meter: Irregular

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	No, not despairingly come I to Thee, 
	No, not distrustingly bend I the knee: 
	Sin hath gone over me, 
	Yet this is still my plea: 
	Jesus hath died. 

2.	Ah! mine iniquity crimson hath been, 
	Infinite, infinite sin upon sin: 
	Sin of not loving Thee, 
	Sin of not trusting Thee, 
	Infinite sin. 

3.	Lord, I confess to Thee sadly my sin; 
	All I am tell I Thee, all I have been: 
	Purge Thou my sin away, 
	Wash Thou my soul this day: 
	Lord, make me clean. 

4.	Faithful and just art Thou, forgiving all; 
	Loving and kind art Thou when poor ones call: 
	Lord, let the cleansing blood, 
	Blood of the Lamb of God, 
	Pass o'er my soul. 

5.	Then all is peace and light this soul within; 
	Thus shall I walk with Thee, the loved Unseen; 
	Leaning on Thee, my God, 
	Guided along the road, 
	Nothing between. 

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