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Holy Bible, Book Divine

The Baptist Hymnal No. 260
Text: John Burton, Sr.
Music: William B. Bradbury
Tune: ALETTA Meter:

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	Holy Bible, Book divine, 
	Precious treasure, thou art mine: 
	Mine to tell me whence I came; 
	Mine to teach me what I am. 

2.	Mine to chide me when I rove, 
	Mine to show a Savior's love; 
	Mine thou art to guide and guard; 
	Mine to punish or reward. 

3.	Mine to comfort in distress, 
	Suff'ring in this wilderness; 
	Mine to show, by living faith, 
	We can triumph over death.

4.	Mine to tell of joys to come, 
	And the rebel sinner's doom: 
	O thou holy Book divine, 
	Precious treasure, thou art mine.

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