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Pentecostal Power

The Baptist Hymnal No. 242
Text: Charles H. Gabriel
Music: Charles H. Gabriel
Tune: OLD-TIME POWER Meter: (C.M.) with Refrain

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	Lord, as of old at Pentecost 
	Thou didst Thy pow'r display, 
	With cleansing, purifying flame, 
	Descend on us today. 

2.	For mighty works for Thee, prepare 
	And strengthen ev'ry heart; 
	Come, take possession of Thine own, 
	And nevermore depart. 

3.	All self consume, all sin destroy! 
	With earnest zeal endue 
	Each waiting heart to work for Thee; 
	O Lord, our faith renew! 

4.	Speak, Lord! before Thy throne we wait, 
	Thy promise we believe, 
	And will not let Thee go until 
	The blessing we receive. 

	Lord, send the old-time power, 
	The Pentecostal power! 
	Thy floodgates of blessing 
	On us throw open wide! 
	Lord, send the old-time power, 
	The Pentecostal power, 
	That sinners be converted 
	And Thy name glorified!

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