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We Welcome Glad Easter

The Baptist Hymnal No. 168
Text: Anonymous
Music: Welsh Hymn Tune
Tune: ST. DENIO Meter: 11.11 with Refrain

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	We welcome glad Easter 
	When Jesus arose, 
	And won a great victory 
	Over His foes.

2.	We tell how the women 
	Came early that day, 
	And there at the tomb found 
	The stone rolled away.

3.	We sing of the angel 
	Who said: "Do not fear! 
	Your Savior is risen 
	And He is not here." 

4.	We think of the promise 
	Which Jesus did give: 
	"That he who believes in Me 
	Also shall live!" 

	Then raise your glad voices, 
	All Christians and sing, 
	Bring glad Easter praises 
	To Jesus your King.

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