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Away in A Manger

The Baptist Hymnal No. 103
Text: St. 1,2, Anonymous; St. 3, John Thomas McFarland
Music: James R. Murray
Tune: MUELLER Meter:

Contents of's Baptist Hymnal materials

1.	Away in a manger, no crib for a bed, 
	The little Lord Jesus laid down His sweet head; 
	The stars in the sky looked down where He lay, 
	The little Lord Jesus, asleep on the hay.

2.	The cattle are lowing, the Baby awakes, 
	But little Lord Jesus, no crying He makes; 
	I love Thee, Lord Jesus! look down from the sky 
	And stay by my cradle till morning is nigh. 

3.	Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay 
	Close by me forever, and love me, I pray; 
	Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care, 
	And fit us for heaven to live with Thee there.

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