Bandit's Story

Boston Terrier Puppy Hi. I'm Bandit, or was Bandit, a Boston Terrier, or at least mostly a Boston Terrier. There was something else in the mix, too, but I never knew what it was, so I try not to talk about it.

That's me!! (But not the picture--that's just kind of what I might have looked like when I was little.) My tail was so short that when I was happy, I had to waggle my hiney. (Oops--can I say "hiney" on the web?)

I was born at a very early age on Harsin Lane in Santa Maria, California. Things being what they were, my mom couldn't keep me, so I moved in with some neighbors across the street. Talk about a bunch of vagabonds!! These folks showed up from Succasunna, New Jersey one summer, took me into their home, and the next summer headed back to New Jersey again (Flemington this time).

But was that enough travelling? NOOOOO!! After another year, we up and headed for the west coast again. A 10 acre spot on a rural route in Clackamus, Oregon. At least this worked out OK. Cows to chase, plenty of room, and a dog house with a genuine composition roof. Let me tell you, I had it made.

One day, when the sky was blue, the birds were singing, and the sun was warm, I decided to take a little snooze. There was some great shade under the family car, and a sensational little cross breeze. Well, you probably know the rest of the story by now. That's what made this a "memorial" home page.

That family has never forgotten me, though. I went coast to coast as a puppy, and now I'm world wide on the web.

I guess that says it all.