Aldersgate Covenant
Called to Revival in the 21st Century

In case you have not seen it, there is an open invitation for people to join a gathering of people on May 16 - 17 at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. The invitation is made by the "Aldersgate Covenant," a group of laity and clergy that first came together twenty years ago to celebrate how the Holy Spirit was at work in The United Methodist Church. You can read more about it at

My wife and I had an opportunity to visit London earlier this year. We enjoyed worshiping with other Methodists and visiting the Old Church garden, near the place of John Wesley's Aldersgate experience when he felt his heart "strangely warmed" by the Holy Spirit, just a few days after his brother Charles had experienced a "strange palpitation of the heart." It was a moving experience for us, partly because of the Wesleys' conversions, but even more because Christians have gathered to worship at this location for a thousand years. Conversion and revival have been a part of that place, and a part of our world, for centuries and centuries.

The Aldersgate Covenant invites us to pray for revival. A revival like the birth of the church in Jerusalem at Pentecost. A revival like the moving of the Holy Spirit during the Great Awakening. A revival that changes individuals and communities. A revival that reaches a world that is hungry for the kind of fulfillment that is found only through newness of life in Christ.

Praying for revival is good. As Christians, we are also called to live revival. We are called to transformation through the renewing of our minds. We are called to active ministry by feeding our Master's sheep.

To experience revival in the 21st century, pray for revival, and live revival. Live for Christ. Be Christ-like. Be Christian.

God bless you--